Friday, 2 December 2011



I recently spent the last week in three places: Bargara, Brisbane and Gold Coast. This was in celebration of schoolies, aka graduating/finishing high school! It was a week of many things, but a great one at that.
I'll probably upload more snapshots once I go through the hundreds of photos and edit my favourites. 

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i love your hat
Ah Gold Coast! I recognize the Pacific Fair bridge and my little sisters favourite toy shop ahha!
~Jordy xx
Love the photo sitting on the rocks, great shot. Wish I could visit Australia!

From a very jealous UK blogger! :0)

Brilliant photos! :) I love the floral dresses <3 <3


Love the photo on the rocks! Your dress and shoes are amazing!! Love it xx

Hi there. Lovely pictures but I think you should change them to .jpg format to load your blog faster. If you need some advice on how to optimize your blog please get in touch with PC BUS, they will surely help.
Love your hair, I too have curly hair, but mine is unruly and hard to manage, yours look so nice and radiant! :)
your dress is looking so pretty and I love the print :)


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